California Landscape Stewardship Network

Property and organizational boundaries often define how we care for our land, air, and water. However, the needs of the people, animals, and plants that depend upon those resources often do not fall within those same lines. California’s largest and most pressing challenges—such as climate change, the need for clean air and water, and rapidly changing population dynamics—are happening at a scale and a pace that demand we work together on innovative solutions to meet and exceed them.

Our approach to conservation must evolve. We can no longer afford to work in isolation, without leveraging the tremendous power of partnerships. Landscape-scale stewardship is how we work together across boundaries to care for the places we love, enjoy, and depend upon, and how we continue to renew and sustain these places for current and future generations.

The California Landscape Stewardship Network was founded on the belief that strategically connecting collaborative land stewardship practitioners could increase their efficiency and efficacy, build funder and political support, and catalyze innovation across the state. We formed in late 2016 with six initial member collaboratives that span 750 miles from northern to southern California. While our members’ collaborative/network models are different, and they experience different challenges working in their unique geographies, we believe that there is tremendous value in learning from each other’s experiences and coming together to address shared challenges.

The six current Network members are:

Who We Serve

We serve multi-jurisdictional, landscape-scale partnerships, and work with other agencies, organizations, and individuals that are aligned with our purpose and that are committed to:

  • Land stewardship (resource management/acquisition)
  • Working in a defined geographical region
  • Cross-sector landscape-scale partnership (e.g., supports multi-jurisdictional land managers and aligned partners, private landowners and neighbors, etc.)
  • Ongoing, long-term work either envisioned or underway
  • Sharing resources to accelerate (or initiate) progress
  • Using an adaptive and scalable approach to their work

Interested in Learning More?

Who are we and how do we help advance cross-jurisdictional landscape-scale stewardship? Learn more through the links below or contact us with questions about our work at: [email protected].