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This map represents an on-going effort to represent all of the self-identified landscape conservation initiatives that have emerged in North America.

The initiatives represented in the map can also be explored using filters for various parameters including geographic size, year of initiative founding, convening entity, and more. Click to learn more about individual initiatives, and to find similar initiatives to connect with to leverage and advance your own work.

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Tracking the development of the field: Surveying landscape conservation initiatives

The Network actively seeks to document the growth of the landscape conservation approach across the country, continent, and beyond. As part of this work, the Network has launched an in-depth survey of self-identified landscape conservation initiatives in North America. Conducted every three years (the latest being completed in 2017), the survey is intended to:

  1. Document the growth of landscape conservation over time;
  2. Identify best practices and success stories to share with other practitioners;
  3. Identify greatest challenges so the Network and others can develop programs, tools, and funding to surmount those challenges; and
  4. Shine a spotlight on the rapid rise and critical importance of landscape conservation in order to help individual efforts and the community as a whole.

A summary report of the 2017 survey was released in early 2018.

Read the 2017 Summary Report


full report of the survey analysis is also available.

The 2017 survey – while being the first to take a comprehensive look at North America – is built on previous regional efforts: