Connected Conservation Webinar Series

The Network partners with the National Park Service to showcase the Connected Conservation webinar series (formerly the Scaling Up webinar series). Monthly webinars highlight topics and tools aimed at furthering the practice of landscape conservation. Explore the webinars – both the archived past webinars and upcoming scheduled webinars – to hear about innovative work underway in the field across the continent.


Upcoming Schedule:

April 18, 2018, 3 EST — The National Trail System

May TBD, 3 EST — Ecosystem Services in the Crown of the Continent

May 16, 2018, 3 EST — The Continental Divide Trail and the Continental Divide Trail Coalition

June 13, 2018, 4 EST — The Pacific Crest Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail Association

July 10, 2018, 3 EST — The Wild and Scenic River System

August 29, 2018, 3 EST — Wildlife fencing / Path of the pronghorn

September 12, 2018, 3 EST — The California Stewardship Network

September 20, 2018, 3 EST — Rights of Way, Roads, and Pollinators 

October 17, 2018, 3 EST — Mitigation Solutions with The Conservation Fund

December 12, 2018, 3 EST — Sonoran Institute and Tips for Engaging the Military on Landscape Conservation 

Explore the Archive

Connected Conservation webinars are recorded; explore past webinars and check back here regularly if you are unable to attend a scheduled webinar of interest. You can also subscribe to the NLC YouTube channel to receive notifications when new recordings are uploaded.

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