Network Overview

VisionAn enduring network of diverse and inclusive community-grounded partnerships throughout the United States and cross-border regions that conserve the resilient landscapes that sustain us all.

Mission: We advance collaborative, community-grounded conservation at the landscape scale as an essential approach to connect and protect nature, culture, and community.

A major trend is unfolding today in North America and beyond, representing a fundamental turning point in the field of conservation: People are working across boundaries – geographic, institutional, and sectoral – in a collaborative and integrative fashion to sustain the landscapes that are central to our natural and cultural health and heritage.

The Network for Landscape Conservation serves a unique purpose as the umbrella network and hub of activity, strategy, and inspiration to advance and implement the practice of conservation at this necessary landscape scale.

We connect people to ideas and innovations – and each other – building a community of practice for the field of landscape conservation.  Our rapidly growing network currently includes more than 250 organizational partners and 5,000 individual practitioners.

Together, this broad-based and inclusive community is developing effective tools and strategies and advancing best practices and policies to help people sustain the integrated landscapes we cannot live without.