Core Values

Advancing Collaboration. The Network is committed to advancing community-grounded conservation that sustains the healthy economic, ecological, and cultural futures of our imperiled landscapes while we still have the chance.

Promoting Connectivity. Conservation is no longer simply about remote protected areas or piecemeal actions. It will take fundamental change to recognize the interdependence of ecosystems, economies, and the quality of life for communities.

Valuing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. There is a critical need in the conservation field to understand and address issues of justice, equity, and inclusion. The Network is committed to addressing social injustices and economic disparities and breaking down barriers that have too often excluded or trampled the voices, needs, and rights of Black, indigenous, and other historically excluded communities.

Fostering Innovation, Education, and Inspiration. The Network plays a major role in convening landscape conservation practitioners. The Network is committed to connecting the conservation community using multiple communication platforms and providing opportunities for strategic innovation through forums, conferences, peer exchanges, grants, and other programs.

Enhancing Science and Cultural Knowledge. Achieving knowledge-driven landscape conservation involves complex research, information gathering, analysis and application at different scales and among many disciplines. The Network embraces both traditional values and modern scientific investigation in guiding the work of conservation practitioners.