Landscape Conservation Catalyst Fund

The Network launched the Landscape Conservation Catalyst Fund Program in 2019 to accelerate the pace of landscape conservation across the United States. The rapid growth of the collaborative partnership approach represents a fundamental shift in land conservation: from piecemeal and top-down conservation to a more holistic, horizontal, and inclusive approach to conserving the landscapes that sustain us. In the face of large-scale challenges like habitat fragmentation and climate change, conservation efforts at the landscape scale are imperative—and investing in robust collaboration is essential for success at this scale.

The Program specifically seeks to build critical capacity and forward momentum in place-based, community-grounded Landscape Conservation Partnerships. The Program targets Partnerships, where targeted investments can create significant and enduring forward momentum, and is intended to support the collaborative processes and key building block activities that move Partnerships forward. A portion of the Program is reserved specifically to advance Indigenous landscape conservation priorities.

The 2020 Grant Cycle has closed, and we are pleased to announce the 13 recipients of 2020 Catalyst Fund grant awards.

See the 2020 Catalyst Fund grant recipients


We anticipate issuing a new Request for Proposals for the 2021 grant cycle of the Catalyst Fund Program in mid-March.