Perspectives: Landscape Conservation in Action

The Network actively harvests the perspectives, knowledge, and experiences of our growing community of practitioners. Perspectives articles are first-person accounts from practitioners that are intended to bring to life the “what” and “why” of our community’s work.

We encourage you to share your experiences and showcase your work too by contributing to our growing archive of Perspectives. These pieces are shared via our bi-monthly bulletin, spotlighted on our homepage, and housed here on our website. More information on how to share your Perspective. 

Explore the archive to drawn upon the knowledge and experiences of your peers:


Secretary Haaland’s Confirmation Offers Opportunity for Renewed Relationship with Planet Earth
Terry Tatsey, Blackfeet Nation and Senior Advisor, Center for Large Landscape Conservation

The confirmation of Deb Haaland as Secretary of the Interior has generated much optimism among...

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Beyond the Banks: Collaborative Conservation in Montana’s Big Hole Valley
Emily Downing, Intermountain West Joint Venture

Ranchers don’t really raise cattle, according to John Richardson. They raise grass. Richardson, who owns...

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Sentinel Landscapes: Uniting People, Securing the Future
Sentinel Landscape Partnership

“A country worth defending is a country worth preserving.” Major General Michael R. Lehnert (Ret)...

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Getting it “right” with landscape conservation
Peter Williams, Principal and Founder, PBW Consulting

Collaborative landscape conservation is one of those topics that many agree is important even while...

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