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January 29, 2014

New Practitioners’ Network Website

In February 2014, the Practitioners’ Network for Large Landscape Conservation launched an updated website that features an overall redesign, straightforward functionality, new content and a rollout of interactive elements that work together with the goal of creating a more unified and cohesive network for large landscape professionals.

What is the Practitioners’ Network for Large Landscape Conservation?

The Practitioners’ Network for Large Landscape Conservation is an alliance of professionals and citizens engaged in leading, managing, researching, advocating, funding, educating or setting policy to advance large landscape conservation initiatives. Large landscape conservation initiatives are those efforts which are focused on large areas of recognized conservation value, sensitivity and/or threat and require a broad-based, multi-jurisdictional, multi-sectoral, multi-purpose (economic, social and environmental) approach with specific, measurable conservation objectives.

Objectives & Goals
  • Build capacity for large landscape conservation at various scales and across sectors.
  • Link existing and emerging large landscape conservation initiatives.
  • Promote and support large landscape conservation initiatives.
Mission and Charter

The Practitioners’ Network’s mission is to improve large landscape conservation by creating a place where practitioners can exchange information, share best practices, examine emerging policy initiatives, and build a national constituency to advance the theory and practice of large landscape conservation.

Members of the Network have drafted a Charter to guide growth and development of the Network moving forward.

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New Practitioners’ Network Website