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Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative

The Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative (GNLCC) is an alliance of conservation partners with common landscape conservation goals for building ecosystem resilience within the Great Northern Geographic Area. The Great Northern landscape includes a diversity of lands and supports diverse land-uses including:

  1. Ecosystems and habitats with native vegetation that supports populations of important fish and wildlife species
  2. Species important for ecological values as well as socially important hunting and angling
  3. Aquatic rivers, lakes, riparian, and wetland systems valued for ecological services as well as for water delivery and water quality for human use
  4. Lands rich in cultural heritage to Native American Tribes
  5. Traditional land-uses such as ranching, agriculture and timber production
  6. Lands supporting a history of western culture.

Partners to the Great Northern LCC support land and water conservation for all of these values through a manner conducive to sustainable ecosystem services and resilience to change from landscape stressors.

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Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative