Policy Initiatives

Advancing landscape conservation policy is an important goal for many Network partners and the field as a whole. A number of policy efforts have been spearheaded by our Policy Working Group, including:

  • Crafting a Landscape Conservation Policy Paper for the new federal administration in the winter of 2016/2017, signed by 63 separate organizations.
  • Working with partners to submit multi-organization support letters on behalf of the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives to key Congressional appropriations committees in 2015 and 2017:
  • Working with the Bureau of Land Management and other Federal partners on an assessment of collaborative, large landscape efforts at the federal agency scale. Due for release in 2018, the goal of this assessment is showcase key case studies and to develop a set of shared expectations and recommendations for planning, implementing, and monitoring ecosystem management at the landscape scale — thus increasing the capacity of agencies to successfully craft and advance agency initiatives and policies focused on the collaborative, landscape scale.

The Policy Working Group continues to work with partners from the state to federal levels to improve funding and policy for landscape conservation.